My Fiction

My romance publisher went out of business, so all my fiction that was published through them is out of print. I’m working to get my books back up and available to readers once more as soon as I can. Currently out-of-print books are listed here. This page is for currently available work. I’ll transfer things from that page to this one as I get them back in print.

Note that there are some free stories listed at the bottom of the page. They’re available on this site, but some of them are linked to currently OOP work. If you haven’t read the original titles, you probably won’t enjoy the free sequels as much. I’m including them here because they are available, and a lot of folks have read my older books.

ChoicesThe Executive Lounge; Contemporary, Workplace Romance

Rob Arvazian just graduated with an engineering Bachelor’s and an MBA, and landed a dream job as the personal assistant to a hot Silicon Valley CEO. Emphasis on hot — personally, as well as in the business world. The tiny financial aid clerk in Rob’s brain is telling him to just do his job and start paying down his loans, but other parts of his body are wishing the gaze Nick Castle turned on him was more dominant and less businesslike.

Getting involved with your boss is stupid, Rob knows that. But he’s only had casual play partners before — never someone who was his. And it feels like Nick could fit perfectly into that part of Rob’s life.

Is it worth taking a chance and hanging his whole life on one strong, sexy man?

This is a heavily plotty romance with BDSM elements, about 60,000 words long.

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Free Stories — Stand-Alone

Custody — Fantasy, FREE

Flicker keeps showing up at Branden’s cottage, even though the tiny dragonling is supposed to live with Branden’s ex, Tol. Branden and Tol can’t live together, but neither is happy apart, and Flicker’s refusal to understand that he only has one person now isn’t helping at all.

The Gift — SF, FREE

Austin has a crush on Shay, a man in his neighborhood; every week he goes to the mandated Social gathering and spends his time either avoiding Shay, or tripping over his own shy awkwardness whenever the man is close by. But when he gets home, he finds that someone has sent him a gift. At first he thinks it’s a dead body in a box, but it’s actually a first quality BioServ Synthetic Companion — a top-quality sex doll, perfectly realistic physically, with a cutting-edge AI brain — and it looks exactly like Shay. Someone must be playing a joke on Austin, but he has no idea who’d spend that kind of money to make fun of his infatuation.

Free Stories — Sequels

The Last Anniversary — Free! Sequel to “A Spirit of Vengeance.”

A Watery Revenge — Free! Sequel to “Boarding Action.”