Currently Out-Of-Print

My romance publisher went under, and all my books published through them came down. I’ve recently started indie publishing my work to get it back up, plus publish new stories.

Books and stories on this page are currently out-of-print and unavailable. I’ll update this page, and My Fiction page where available works are listed, as things move back into print. Thanks for your patience!

The Hidden Magic Universe

A Hidden Magic — Urban Fantasy [Sentinel Stories #1.0]

Fey incursions into the mortal world have been on the rise, and Paul MacAllister’s trying to figure out what the king of the local Elven enclave Under the Hill is up to and how to stop it. Rory Ellison was caught up in one of those attacks and nearly killed by a gang of goblins. He doesn’t believe they were real, though, and is resisting anything Paul might say to the contrary.

Normally Paul would be willing to let Rory go his own way, at least until he’s taken care of more immediate business. But Rory has a particularly rare gift, one the Elven king needs to have under his control in order to carry out his plan. Keeping Rory away from the fey who will use him, to death if necessary, means protecting him night and day, whether Rory agrees or not.

Birthdays Suck — Urban Fantasy [Sentinel Stories #0.5] Contains a huge spoiler for A Hidden Magic.

It’s teenage Paul’s birthday and he’s the only one not having a good time, ’cause it’s hard to party when your life is over.

Unfinished Business — Urban Fantasy [Sentinel Stories #1.5]

After a morning of saving the world, apprentice mage Cal Toscani heads down and works a full day in his busy restaurant, because foiling the bad guy doesn’t pay the bills. After midnight, bruised and aching from the aforementioned foiling, and exhausted from a long day of work, Cal goes home hoping for a hot bath, a nice massage and some sex, not necessarily in that order.

His lover and master, Aubrey Fletcher, unfortunately remembers that he gave Cal a lesson that morning before everything got exciting, and he’s determined to finish that lesson before anything else happens — yes, right now. Cal finds himself naked in bed, trying to figure out how to remove Aubrey’s spell, while a naked Aubrey does his best to be distracting. Cal’s pretty sure he’s going to explode long before he figures the damn thing out!

Emerging Magic — Urban Fantasy [Sentinel Stories #2.0]

Rory’s mother took him to psychiatrists, let them circumscribe his life, let them give him drugs, while knowing all along there was nothing wrong with him. When Rory finds out, he’s angry and confused and just wants to get away for a while. His mother’s betrayal plus another kidnap attempt make a visit to the father he hasn’t seen in ten years seem like a great idea.

When Rory, Paul and Aubrey get to Seattle, though, it’s obviously not going to be just a normal family Christmas. Someone north of San Jose tried to kidnap Rory twice before they left, and it’s too much of a coincidence that Nathan, Rory’s dad, has magic talented friends. While Rory tries to reconnect with his only other family, Paul is trying to figure out whether anyone in Nathan’s group is after Rory. They definitely have secrets, and at least one of them has been playing around with things he doesn’t understand. The local fey are after him, and elves aren’t known for caring too much about collateral damage.

And there’s a master wizard in the area who’s up to something big and would really like to have Rory’s help….

Captive Magic — Urban Fantasy [Sentinel Stories #3.0]

Teleporter Breck Bayes made a deal with a demon to save the life of his little sister Amanda, who was dying of cancer. The demon expects Breck to work off the debt — as a thief who can get past any walls or locks. If Breck balks, Amanda’s cancer will come back, and she’ll die. Breck’s a good guy, but a few trinkets versus Amanda’s life? It’s no contest.

Manny hears about Breck’s popping around town and uses his own talents to find and confront him. Sentinels are supposed to prevent the magegifted from using their talents to steal, by force if necessary, but then he gets the whole story. Manny understands family, and he decides that his Sentinel persona is going to have to suck it up and deal while he helps Breck get out from under the demon — even if it means becoming an accomplice to the thieving while they plot Breck’s escape. But then the demon notices Manny, whose truesight and seeking would be very useful in its quest to own things that don’t properly belong to it, and suddenly it’s not only Breck who’s in trouble.

Reach Out and Touch — Urban Fantasy

Cal’s been working on an elaborate spell to open a portal between universes and, after weeks of work and calculations to draft out the diagram and get all the symbols right and acquire all the right powders and pigments, he’s eager to actually try it. Master Aubrey wants him to wait, but Cal has a day off today, and he doesn’t see why the fact that it’s Halloween should make any difference. He takes advantage of Aubrey’s absence to go ahead on his own. After all, this is only practice, opening a portal to an empty, pocket universe. Even if something goes wrong, how bad could it be?

Candy Courage — Urban Fantasy

Glenn Bellamy, a divorced dad, is taking his son around trick-or-treating. He confiscates some homemade peanut brittle — and eats it himself of course — not knowing that the old man who made it is an alchemist who adds something special to his candy each year. This year it was Courage, so when Glenn and his son hit Neal Sampson’s house, Glenn finds himself flirting and making a date for the next day. Will the candy courage wear off, or will Glenn find the guts to go after what he wants?

Chasing Fear — Urban Fantasy

Emilio loves Martín with everything he has, but he’s still scared to go out and be openly gay, especially with the way his family reacted to the news. Martín just wants to go out and have a good time, so he pushes Emilio’s limits to the breaking point. Emilio figures having greenman for a lover has its dangers, especially when it comes to going on a date in the great outdoors. Can he and Martín learn to see eye to eye?

Catching Courage — Urban Fantasy Sequel to “Chasing Fear.”

Emilio is going with Martín to his family’s New Year’s party; it’s the first time they’ll attend a family event as a couple, and Emilio’s pretty sure not eveyone is going to approve, no matter what Martín says. Living with fear is hard, but finding courage is harder.

Stand-Alone Stories

A Spirit of Vengeance — Paranormal

2009 EPPIE Finalist. When Josh comes home from a business trip to find out that his lover, Kevin, has been killed, his life takes a terrible turn. Even worse, Kevin is haunting him, wanting Josh to exact revenge on his killer. Josh thinks Kevin is a hallucination to begin with, but he soon starts to believe that his lover’s spirit is really hanging around.

As he begins to believe in Kevin’s ghost, Josh also starts to believe he knows who killed Kevin. He’s not sure what to do, and neither is Kevin, who never really considered an afterlife. Can these two figure out how to catch a killer and how to move on with life after death?

“Boarding Action” short story originally published in the anthology Walk the Plank, currently out of print

College student Cam Embry and some of his buddies decide to play a prank on their friend Marcia by dressing up in their old Halloween pirate costumes and playing pirate raid on Marcia and her father, who are out in their motor yacht. When the boys get out there and board the yacht, though, waving their plastic swords and their water guns, they’re confronted by an angry stranger and Cam’s terrified friends bail on him, leaving him alone with a pissed-off guy who has a real gun. Not exactly the fun day he had in mind — at least not yet.

Hell Is in the Details — Paranormal

Benioth, the Demon of Laziness, is behind on his memos and has just found out he needs to corrupt a soul by midnight to make quota. Luckily the Demon of Sodomy doesn’t mind sharing the fun, and Benioth runs into Andy, who’s still innocent but eager to have someone fix that for him. It sounds like a perfect situation, but somehow things never go right for poor Benioth.

In the Driver’s Seat — Contemporary, currently out of print

Brian is used to being in control in the bedroom, but somehow he’s found himself without anyone to play with. Then he runs into recently-returned — and surprisingly grown-up — Val, who he knew years before as a cute high-school kid. Val’s not a high-school kid anymore, though, and there’s an air about him that says he’s been around and has had a few lessons in the bedroom.

Brian’s eager to provide some advanced schooling, but his assumptions end up getting him into trouble. To his own surprise, he finds it’s a kind of trouble he’s not all that eager to escape.

The Joy of Exchanging Gifts — SF, currently out of print

Lowell is an anthropologist, working with the Enknopans, studying their culture and ways. They haven’t completely accepted him, so he’s not invited to their year changing celebration. He decides to show his very good Enknopan friend Tiklup some of his own Christmas traditions, but things don’t work out exactly as planned. Can he still have a happy holiday?

Learning to Love Yourself — SF, currently out of print

Baran and his shipmate, Theo, have landed their ship in an alternative universe where just about anything might happen. In fact, the oddest things do happen, including Baran meeting his otherworldly doppelganger, which turns to out to be far more interesting, and enlightening, than he thought possible. Can Baran learn to get over his hang ups and tell Theo how he feels by learning to love himself first?