New Release

I have a new story out, a short called Unfinished Business. It takes place right after A Hidden Magic wraps, focusing on a couple of supporting characters — master mage Aubrey and his apprentice Cal — and a bit of unfinished business left hanging after the novel was over. It’s short and fun and sexy; I just had to write it and let the boys finish what they’d been doing earlier. πŸ™‚

Drawing: I’m hanging out on Torquere’s LiveJournal community today, playing host, talking about whatever comes to mind, and holding a drawing. For each of my posts you comment on today, you get a ticket in the drawing, and tomorrow I’ll pull a name and send the winner a $5 Torquere gift certificate.

Sale: It just happens that Torquere’s having a sale today and tomorrow. Enter “prejuly” in the coupon code box when you check out, and you’ll get 15% off your purchase. Add that to the fact of the backlist books’ prices going up on 1 July, and that makes these two days a really wonderful time to grab some bargains. Or to just have your five dollars go that much farther if you win the drawing. πŸ™‚


From “Unfinished Business:”

After a morning of saving the world, apprentice mage Cal Toscani heads down and works a full day in his busy restaurant, because foiling the bad guy doesn’t pay the bills. After midnight, bruised and aching from the aforementioned foiling, and exhausted from a long day of work, Cal goes home hoping for a hot bath, a nice massage and some sex, not necessarily in that order. His lover and master, Aubrey Fletcher, unfortunately remembers that he’d given Cal a lesson that morning before everything got exciting, and he’s determined that Cal’s going to finish that lesson before anything else happens — yes, right now. Cal finds himself naked in bed, trying to figure out how to remove Aubrey’s spell, while a naked Aubrey does his best to be distracting. Cal’s pretty sure he’s going to explode long before he figures the damn thing out!


Cal grinned, tossed his jacket onto a chair, then spread his arms and did a slow rotation in place. “No orc bites!” he reported, his expression a parody of relief.

Aubrey just raised an eyebrow, then pointed at him and drew a twitchy little sigil Cal couldn’t quite catch before it was gone. An ominously familiar warm weight on either side of his head made him groan. Those damn ass’s ears again!

“Now?” he griped. “Come on, I just finished work, I’m tired, I want a shower and was kind of hoping for a nice massage and sex. Can’t we finish this tomorrow?”

His master crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway. “Do you think enemies–”

“–will wait until you’re rested and ready?” Cal chorused with him. “No, I know, but come on!”

Aubrey just stared at him.


One corner of Aubrey’s mouth twitched and his eyes twinkled up into Cal’s. “Maybe.” He uncrossed his arms and moved closer, leaning in until their bodies touched from chest to knees. “Maybe you need some incentive?”

Cal felt a hand slide between them and rub at his suddenly-interested cock. The hand moved away again immediately and he moaned in protest.

“You have six pairs of ears right now,” said Aubrey. His eyes were still twinkling and the old bastard sounded like he was having a grand time. “They’re quite colorful and rather cheery, but I’m assuming you want to get rid of them. For every pair you banish, I’ll escalate.” He lifted up on his toes for a moment and gave Cal a quick kiss, then backed away.


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Heads Up — Prices Increasing

Torquere’s prices are going up on their shorter works — everything below novel length. Apple doesn’t allow any books to be sold elsewhere for a lower price than they’re sold for in the Apple store, so… there you go.

New prices will be in accordance with wordcount rather than by line: up to 10K words will cost $1.99, up to 20K will cost $2.99, etc. Novels will stay the same price as before: $5.95 or $6.95 depending on length.

New books released in June already reflect the new pricing; backlist books will have their prices increased on 1 July. If you’ve had any older Torquere books on your wish list for a while, now’s the time to go grab them.

Best Deal: for anyone who’s been meaning to get my novelette “A Spirit of Vengeance,” Torquere sells it for $2.49 right now, but Amazon has the Kindle edition for $1.99. After 1 July, it’ll be $2.99, so you can save a dollar — one third off the new price — if you can read Kindle books.


Sale and Misc.

Torquere’s Having a Sale — use the code beach2010 to get 15% off on any purchase between now and Midnight (EST) on Tuesday. Torquere is here, or go here for my page on the site.

Vampire Bunnies — what is it with vampire writers in the last however many years deciding that a vampire’s fangs are his or her incisors? o_O Whenever I read about a vampire’s sharpened incisors extending, or whatever, I have to laugh — I get this mental image of a psychotic Bugs Bunny or an undead beaver something. Definitely not the image most writers seem to be going for. [snicker]

How to Keep Someone With You Forever — gakked through Nagasvoice over on LiveJournal, Issendai posted this piece on how to keep people from leaving you, whether “you” is an individual in a personal relationship, or a company trying to hold on to its employees. A good subtitle would be “How to Create a Sick System.” This is important reading for anyone who might be caught up in a sick system, or who has a loved one who’s stuck in a sick system. But it’s also fascinating as a writer who might want to put a character into an emotionally poisonous situation some time. This is fascinatingly awful, and the fact that it’s real just makes it moreso.


Two Good Deals, One For a Great Cause

A couple of the vendors who sell my stories are having special deals right now.

Fictionwise is having one of its 40% rebate on everything sales, for purchases made with a credit card. The link takes you to the two of my books they sell, but the rebate applies to everything. The way this works is when you purchase a book with a rebate, the rebated amount is credited to your “micropay” account, which can be spent later like cash. I like their rebate-on-everything sales because usually their rebates only apply to DRMed books, and I don’t buy those. You don’t have to join a club or anything; just create the usual online buyer’s account and your rebate amount will be stored there for whenever you want to use it.

All Romance eBooks is having a promotion where authors and/or publishers are donating their royalties for the month of May to the National Center for Lesbian Rights — which supports the rights of all LGBT people now, not just lesbians. The NCLR is representing Clay Greene in his attempt to get justice from Sonoma County for the horrible way they treated him and his partner, Harold Scull.

From NCLR’s info page on Greene v. County of Sonoma et al.:

Clay and his partner of 25 years, Harold, lived in California. Clay and Harold made diligent efforts to protect their legal rights, and had their legal paperwork in place, including wills and powers of attorney, naming each other. Harold was 88 years old and in frail medical condition, but still living at home with Clay, 77, who was in good health.

In April 2008, Harold, who was very frail, fell on the front steps of the home he shared with his partner of 25 years, Clay Greene. Harold had endured open heart surgery, was on a number of medications that made him uncomfortable, and was in declining physical and mental health. When Harold fell, he did not want Clay to call an ambulance. But Clay knew that the fall was serious and that medical attention was required. He did what any of us would doβ€”he called the paramedics. When Harold, in a fury, told the paramedics that Clay had pushed him, they reported the allegations, which were found to be unsubstantiated.

Then Harold and Clay’s nightmare truly began. Instead of handling Harold and Clay’s case appropriately, the County of Sonoma filed for conservatorship of Harold’s estate, seeking control of Harold’s finances. Without authority, the county auctioned off everything that both Harold and Clay owned. Virtually all of the couple’s belongings, including numerous pieces of art, Hollywood memorabilia and collectibles, were sold at auction or have disappeared. In an early visit by County employees to review the contents of the home, workers remarked on the couple’s treasures, with one noting how much his “wife would love” a piece and a second commenting how “great that would look in my house” on another. When Clay objected he was told to “shut up.”

County workers also removed Clay from his and Harold’s home and placed Clay in an assisted living facility against his will. Three months after he was hospitalized, Harold died in a nursing home. Because of the County’s actions, Clay missed the final months he should have had with his partner of 25 years, and he has been unable to recover his possessions.

That’s really despicable. The county claimed Harold and Clay were only roommates when it came to visitation rights or the authority to make medical and financial decisions, despite Clay having a legal power of attorney (which was ignored). But it seems the county was treating them as legal partners who owned property in common when it sold the entire contents of their home to pay for Harold’s medical costs. They couldn’t even be consistent in their gross mistreatment of this couple.

All my stand-alone short stories up on ARe are part of the fund raising effort. I’ll donate all my royalties from ARe to Clay Greene’s legal fund at NCLR, to help him get some sort of justice out of this mess, and give Sonoma County officials the slap they clearly need to jar a few brain cells loose. If you’ve been thinking of trying some of my work, this’d be a good time to do it — some good stories and helping out with a worthy cause. (And in actuality, I’m donating all my royalties for the quarter — through the end of June — since my statement doesn’t break it down any farther than that.) Here’s ARe’s info page about the fund raiser, which includes a list of all the authors and publishers participating, with links to their books.



I just got an e-mail from Shawn, one of the owners of Torquere, saying she read A Hidden Magic and they want to publish it! πŸ˜€

They said they weren’t going to be in the office until Monday because of the holiday, but it looks like they’re still working. Not exactly shocking with a small business; I thought it might happen quickly, but I didn’t want to really hope, you know?

Anyway, this is awesome. [beam] If you want me, I’ll just be wandering around six inches off the floor somewhere…. πŸ˜€



My novelette, A Spirit of Vengeance, is on sale at Torquere for 20% off, which makes it $1.99. I have a free short story coming out on the 30th which is an epilogue to this story, so if you haven’t read “Spirit” yet, this is a great chance.