Review — “In the Driver’s Seat”

Emily from Rainbow Reviews gave me a great review for my short story In the Driver’s Seat, and a four-star rating. 😀


Brian is used to being in control in the bedroom, but somehow he’s found himself without anyone to play with. Then he runs into recently-returned ~ and surprisingly grown-up ~ Val, who he knew years before as a cute high-school kid. Val’s not a high-school kid anymore, though, and there’s an air about him that says he’s been around and has had a few lessons in the bedroom.

Brian’s eager to provide some advanced schooling, but his assumptions end up getting him into trouble. To his own surprise, he finds it’s a kind of trouble he’s not all that eager to escape.

Since his most recent fuck-buddy Tom now has a boyfriend, Brian finds himself with no one to turn to when he needs sex. Brian is cocky and quite confident about his sexual prowess and knows he will find someone to use for his own purposes. The last thing he wants is a relationship, just sex plain and simple with no strings attached where Brian is in control at all times.

When he sees a cute ass in the locker room, Brian is surprised to discover that it belongs to Val, a grown-up version of the cute kid that worked at the gym six years prior while in high school. At the time, Brian acted as a big brother toward Val, but now his thoughts about Val are much more dirty. Brian wants to show Val “a few advanced exercises in a different discipline” and starts his seduction of the younger man.

From the moment Brian enters Val’s house, however, nothing goes quite as he had planned and everything gets turned on its head. Brian has to make some quick decisions about how far he is willing to go with Val, and ends up having every assumption destroyed, in the best possible way.

In the Driver’s Seat is a wonderful story about assumptions being turned upside down and being open to new experiences. I loved how cock sure Brian is from the beginning, until Val throws a wrench in his plans. The story is filled with surprises, as well as some extremely hot sex that is stimulating and satisfying throughout. I would love to see more from these characters, and am intensely curious what else would happen to them in the future, but for now I will have to satisfy myself by reading this story over and over.


Thanks to Emily! I’m so glad she liked it!


Review of “A Spirit of Vengeance”

Boylove_Addict over on LJ posted a great review of Spirit of Vengeance the other day:

A Spirit of Vengeance by Angela Benedetti
Josh is lost in grief after the gruesome murder of his beloved partner Kevin, until he realizes that Kevin is dead, but not gone. Kevin haunts Josh, because he wants revenge. Yet in staying in the “living” plane, he gives Josh a chance to think, a chance to act, a chance to heal, a chance to say good bye and most importantly a chance to stay alive. Kevin might claim to be an angry spirit of vengeance, but I would say he is a loving spirit of protection.

Angela delivers a poignant story about love and life in the face of tragedy. Those brave enough to go along for the ride will find it entertaining, beautiful and very touching. Just know that it is the ride and not the destination that counts in this wonderful story.

I’m thrilled that she enjoyed it and grateful for the wonderful comments. 😀

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Another Review of “A Spirit of Vengeance”

I just ran across this great review of “A Spirit of Vengeance” from back in June over at Two Lips Reviews. Obviously I don’t do enough vanity searches. 😀

Reviewer Bella gave it 4.5 kisses and said:

Josh is still reeling from the death of his lover, Kevin, when strange things begin to happen that make him question his sanity. In the middle of the numbness that has wrapped Josh since the news of Kevin’s death, Josh has started to “hear” Kevin’s voice in his head. And that can only mean that Josh is losing it, right? But as Josh begins to believe that Kevin is really there, he also feels compelled to find and punish Kevin’s killer.

Will Josh survive Kevin’s visits and eventual absence?

A Spirit of Vengeance is a heart-wrenching paranormal romance that will make readers hope for the “life” after death that is experienced through Kevin. Both men will invoke strong feelings of love, sadness and joy as they come to terms with what is left after Kevin’s death. Angela Benedetti did a wonderful job of creating characters that will pull at every heartstring, while delivering a quick paced and entertaining suspense. A Spirit of Vengeance is a great read that should not be missed!

Thanks so much to Bella!


Review of “A Spirit of Vengeance”

I got a wonderful four-flute review of “A Spirit of Vengeance” from Singapore Sling over on Cocktail Reviews!

Josh, an artist, comes home from an exhibition and learns that his lover, Kevin – also an artist – has been murdered in the home they share with Josh’s actress sister, Kat. The killing appears to have been done by a homophobic gang, but the police can’t find anything to go on.

While he’s coming to terms with his grief, Josh hears Kevin’s voice and feels a wind blowing around him indoors. Kevin urges Josh to catch his killers and get revenge. At first Josh thinks he’s gone crazy, but soon Kevin is coming to him in dreams that feel very real. Kevin reveals that Oscar, his agent, murdered him when Kevin started to suspect Oscar of defrauding him.

Can Josh find a way to unmask Oscar as the killer – or will listening to the advice of a ghost lead him and Kat into danger?

This novelette had a most interesting premise. The opening was powerful, full of raw emotion as Josh struggles to deal with Kevin’s death. The ghost story begins tentatively, with Kevin’s spirit at first so full of rage that he scares Josh. Kevin’s frustration with his new spirit form and his desperation to make Josh believe what’s happening is both sad and touching.

Josh is a likeable hero, numb with grief yet still able to reach out to his sister, Kat, and share in her small triumphs. His longing for Kevin is one of the driving emotions in this story, and his fear of letting go and losing Kevin forever is very moving.

Ms Benedetti gives the reader a different yet satisfying story. My only complaint is that I wish there’d have been more of it – this could easily have been a novella!

This is so awesome, I’m going to be beaming for days!


Review of “The Joy of Exchanging Gifts”

Beth Anne at Joyfully Reviewed wrote a review of my Holiday Sip, “The Joy of Exchanging Gifts.” She said:

“Anthropologist Lowell, is studying the Enknopans, and though he’s made a good friend of Tiklup, Lowell is excluded from an Enknopan ‘turning year’ celebration because of the Enknopan restriction on outsider’s participation. To participate or observe, one needs to be related to one of the Enknopans.

To show no hard feelings for the exclusion, Lowell tries to share his Santa tradition by leaving a surprise gift for Tiklup, in a traditional Santa method. Only issue for Lowell is the architecture of the Enknopan homes. No windows for Santa, so Lowell uses the ‘house’s smoke hole’ and becomes stuck in the chimney. As Tiklup and his friends return and discover Lowell’s predicament, a delightfully sexy gift exchange commences all taking place while Lowell is still stuck in the chimney.

Do you ever just laugh out loud while reading? The Joy of Exchanging Gifts had me alternatively laughing out loud and then just plain giggling for the naughtiness. I know it’s a Nice Sip, but for me, Lowell and his friends are just plain naughty, in a very nice way! The Joy of Exchanging Gifts is a hilarious, fun, sexy off-world read!!”

Thanks so much to Beth Anne; I’m glad she enjoyed my story. 🙂


Review of “Chasing Fear”

Cassie over at Joyfully Reviewed posted about “Chasing Fear,” my Halloween Sip. This is what she said:

“Park ranger Emilio Cardenas much prefers being in the woods to spending time with people, but when he gets caught up in a job, he forgets everything else. When he finally finishes his work, he realizes he’ll be late coming home. That might not be a big problem for most people, but when your lover is a Greenman, it’s not good to be late…

Chasing Fear is a very cool story of magic, nature, and facing fears. I liked shy, antisocial Emilio. His Greenman lover, Martín, is both vulnerable and tough. Angela Benedetti did a great job of showing the caring between the two men as well as a slice of Emilio’s painful past. This story is a good read for when you’re in the mood for a little unusual magic.”

This is my first review and I’m absolutely delighted by it. Thanks to Cassie for her kind words; I’m very glad she liked my story. 😀

The review post is here.