Pre-Order: The Executive Lounge

I have a new book coming out in just over a week called The Executive Lounge.

This is a novel, a contemporary romance about 60K words long, set in Silicon Valley.

The Executive Lounge was originally written in 2013 for a special event the M/M Romance group on Goodreads did every summer. It was posted to their message boards, and then collected with two other longer works in an anthology that was available for free on ARe. ARe shut down several years ago, so I’m publishing it officially, with a few edits. (If you have the original free anthology, there are no substantial story changes; it’s all sandpaper.)

It’s set up on Amazon as a pre-order, and will release on the 15th, at which point I’ll put it up on Kobo, B&N and Apple.

* * *

Rob Arvazian just graduated with an engineering Bachelor’s and an MBA, and landed a dream job as the personal assistant to a hot Silicon Valley CEO. Emphasis on hot — personally, as well as in the business world. The tiny financial aid clerk in Rob’s brain is telling him to just do his job and start paying down his loans, but other parts of his body are wishing the gaze Nick Castle turned on him was more dominant and less businesslike.

Getting involved with your boss is stupid, Rob knows that. But he’s only had casual play partners before — never someone who was his. And it feels like Nick could fit perfectly into that part of Rob’s life.

Is it worth taking a chance and hanging his whole life on one strong, sexy man?

This is a heavily plotty BDSM romance, about 60,000 words long.

E-book pre-order on Amazon