Emerging Magic and A Hidden Magic out in Paperback

Amazon has copies of Emerging Magic in paperback. The paper version is 390 pages long, and costs $16.95, free shipping if you have Prime.

I also have to laugh — there are three companies offering to third-party sell you a new copy already, all with a $3.99 charge for shipping, which is doubtless how number one, who’s charging $16.94 (Ooooo, discount!) is making money. Number two is charging $17.19, and number three (who’s got to be seriously delusional, is all I can say) is charging $57.87. Good luck, dude. 🙂

I’ve heard some other writers griping about this, but so long as I get my royalty, they can sell the book for whatever retail price they like. I’m certainly not going to stress out over a business whiz who thinks he can sell a sixteen-something dollar book for almost sixty dollars, on the same page with a [Buy] button for the (identical) sixteen-something dollar version.

Anyway, I’m sort of boinging over here, because this is my first paperback book. I turned in the EM galleys ahead of the HM galleys, so I’m assuming the paperback Hidden Magic will show up some time soon; I’ll definitely post about it when it does.

[ETA: Charisstoma found the A Hidden Magic paperback. It’s not linked to the Kindle edition yet, so I didn’t see it — stealth paperback! It’s 248 pages, and costs $14.95 with Prime shipping available. Thanks to Charisstoma for pointing it out!]


Guest Post: What Does Love Look Like?

I have a guest post up at Jessewave’s today called What Does Love Look Like? where I’m talking about how a writer shows the reader that the characters love each other. One might think that’d be pretty basic, but plenty of romances seem to have a hard time getting the idea across.

Also, today is my birthday! (I’m 49, if anyone cares.) To celebrate, I’ll be doing a drawing from the names of all the people who comment on my post at Wave’s today, up through noon Pacific time tomorrow, and the winner will get their choice of one of my published e-books, including the out-of-print books. So come over and read and let us know what you think. 🙂