Finished an Afghan

I finished the afghan I’m giving my mom for Christmas. It’s pretty huge. Which was deliberate — I wanted it to work as a throw on her bed, and not just a lap-blanket sort of thing — but still, I was kind of O_O when I spread it across our king size bed to take pics.

This is looking up from the foot of the bed.

A closeup showing the pattern. It’s a basic feather-and-fan that I worked out on a paper towel, fiddling and swatching and fiddling and swatching till I had something I liked. One thing I noticed is that if you do a F&F pattern with a stockinette ground, which is how you usually see it, the rippled edges will curl up, which looks like a mistake. :/ I experimented a bit and found that if you knit that edge with a garter stitch ground, it lays flat, so the first few inches and last few inches of the afghan are in garter stitch, which you can see more clearly below. The texture is a bit odd, but I’ll take that in exchange for an edge that lays nicely flat.

This took me about six weeks or so to do. I’ve been knitting while I watch Netflix on my computer, and I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. 🙂


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