Yay Noise :/

Sometimes I wish I lived in a town with suckier sports teams.

There are explosions going off in my neighborhood, and a few minutes after it started, Jim called up the stairs to let me know it’s because the Seahawks are winning (won?) an important football game. Okay, that’s great for the fans. But do they have to make that much noise?

Aside from the general distraction, when I hear that kind of noise, my first thought is, gunshots. Because that happens around here sometimes too. And sometimes when there are celebratory fireworks going off, there are gunshots in the mix too (like there were last weekend) because there are gun owners around who think that a yay-celebration is a great time to fire their gun into the air. Which is damn stupid, because as anyone who’s had high school physics knows, a bullet fired into the air will come down somewhere with the same speed, and doing that even one time should disqualify you from ever owning a gun again in your life. Unfortunately I’m not making the laws, and so there are idiots who own guns around. [Obligatory statement that I have no problem with intelligent people owning guns.]

So whenever this happens, I’m sitting here wondering whether a stray bullet is going to come through the window, or maybe through the roof. I have a story due tonight, and that sort of wondering is damn distracting.

I can only hope the Seahawks start sucking one of these years. Or that a few particular gun owners in my neighborhood grow some brains. I wonder which will happen first?


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Angela Benedetti lives in Seattle with her husband and a few thousand books. She loves romance for the happy endings, for the affirmation that everyone who's willing to fight for love deserves to get it and be happy with someone. She's best known for her Sentinel series of novels, the most recent of which is Captive Magic.

2 thoughts on “Yay Noise :/”

  1. Yes, that sounds really nerve-wracking! I hope no bullets fall on you … I live in the state that was battling the Seahawks today. No fireworks here tonight!

    Your story makes me laugh at myself, because I’ve lived here 28 years and it was only this year that I realized those eruptions of screaming were sports-related. I’m not sure just what I had been assuming, but I often wondered if I should call the police about whatever was going down.

  2. Pat — it tells you something about my non-interest in big team sports that I have no idea what state you live in. [hides under keyboard]

    Last weekend, I was in bed when the explosions started. (I have a rotating sleep schedule — it’s like I was born on a planet with a 26-hour day. I sleep when I’m tired and get up when I’m not; fighting it only works for a few days before I turn into a zombie.) The pattern didn’t sound right for fireworks, too irregular, and at the same time there were cars zooming down our street and occasionally squealing around corners, every few minutes. So I’m lying there in bed thinking that a couple of gangs are having a car-chase gunfight all around our neighborhood. O_O I stayed put, figuring the third floor, with a at least one wall, two floors and a mattress between me and the level I was assuming the guns were shooting from was probably the safest place to be. It was only later when my husband told me it was the football thing, and that it was mostly fireworks with only an occasional gunshot. So for the idiots firing straight up, there was only a roof between me and any falling bullets, and I’d have been better off on the first floor. :/

    So I think the Superbowl is next? Or maybe there’s some other run-up game or series or whatever? I’m sure I’m being a horribly disloyal Seattlite when I say I hope the Seahawks lose whatever it is they’re playing next. [wry smile]


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