Cake Drones!

Okay, this is awesome. 🙂 Shanghai’s Incake bakery bought three mini-drones and was using them to deliver cakes to customers. How cool is that? Click through — there’s video. 😀

The drones have cameras on them so the remote operator can identify customers. That’s good — you wouldn’t want someone stealing your cake, after all.

Unfortunately, their drones were grounded after the civil aviation authority expressed some concerns. Unmanned aircraft require approval to fly, and Incake didn’t ask anyone’s permission. They plan to jump through the bureaucratic hoops and get their awesome cake drones back in the air, though, with all the proper permits, which is great news. I’d totally pay extra to get a cake delivered by unmanned drone, but I wouldn’t bet anything on drone-delivery of baked goods ever being allowed in the US. Bummer.

Thanks to CakeWrecks for the link.


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