At BayCon

Jim and I are in Santa Clara at BayCon. They started giving the different iterations of the convention subtitles a while back, and this one is “Triskaidecaphobicon,” which made me snicker.

Despite living almost a thousand miles away now, I consider BayCon my home convention in fandom. I was a gofer at the first one (in 1982), and was on staff until a few years after I got married in ’96, when I finally admitted that it’s tough to work ConOps, even as a grunt, when you can’t attend meetings during the year. I gofered again a couple of times, but have settled into being an attendee. Hey, I get to see panels now! Whenever I want! 😀

The best part is seeing people I’ve known for a long time, many of whom I never or hardly ever see anywhere else. That’s really what it’s all about — keeping up with the people. Sometimes a person from Back When will vanish for years or decades, then pop up again, and that’s always pretty awesome.

Lois McMaster Bujold is the writer GOH, which is pretty exciting. I’ve seen her at other conventions; she’s a nice person, and gives great reading.

If anyone I know online is going to be here this weekend, drop a comment or an e-mail and we can get together. I love meeting internet people in realspace. 🙂


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