Aicardi Syndrome and a Pose-Off

Fantasy writer Jim Hines did a blog post asking fans to donate to the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, an organization that raises research money for Aicardi Syndrome, a disease that affects 1 in 105,000 little girls. He says, “It causes brain malformation, visual problems, seizures, developmental delays, and other medical complications. Most research puts the life expectancy for people with Aicardi between 8 and 16 years.”

The Aicardi Syndrome Foundation is the only source of funding for research into this disease. It also helps families with daughters who’ve been hit with it. It’s a great cause, and I urge everyone reading this to throw some money their way, even if it’s only a few dollars.

If you do donate, and report your donations to Jim, he’ll do another set of book cover poses at each milestone. If you haven’t seen this post before, check it out — Jim demonstrates the ridiculousness of the positions SF/Fantasy/Paranormal female characters are twisted into on book covers by attempting to get into those positions himself, and having his picture taken. It’s hilarious, and also underscores some serious shenanigans on the part of the big publishers, ’cause seriously dudes, this is stupid, and it’s all based on the idea that the men who buy these books just want to see boobs and butts, and the women who buy these books will go along with stupidly impossible objectification on the covers, because women will sigh and shrug and buy whatever makes the men happy. [cough]

[If you’re still going, “Wait, what–?” then check out this pic, parodying one of the Avengers movie posters. In the real poster, Black Widow is doing the boobs-and-butt pose, but all the men are in normal, tough-guy-ready-for-combat poses. This artist turned it around, giving Black Widow a normal pose and putting Captain America into the standard female boobs-and-butt pose. The other men are just displaying their butts. It’s awesome. 😀 ]

And as if that weren’t enough, Jim is challenging John Scalzi to a pose-off at two of the milestone points, $1000 and $2500. I really hope they make the $2500, because the pose-off should be great.

Aside from which, Aicardi Syndrome sucks, and deserves support. Please help out.


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