Great Review of Emerging Magic

Sirius over at Jessewave’s posted a great 4.5 star review of Emerging Magic:

I thought the second book delivered with gusto. I thought it mixed the relationship stuff and magical stuff perfectly, and while in this book I felt that the romance was playing a more major role, it still felt as if the romance was happening in the well developed world and the fantasy stuff was not just a window dressing for the romance, but was providing a strong sense of who the characters were as human beings, as personalities and of course created a lot of stuff for them to do.

I loved how amongst fighting various magical threats Rory and Paul were figuring each other out, learning to negotiate their relationship. I was really happy to read about them getting to know each other better and figuring out what makes each other tick;- it was very believable, because in real life people who have known each other for a week could not know everything about each other and be perfect partners right away IMO.

I liked that IMO there were no villains in this book รขโ‚ฌโ€œ just human beings making bad choices and suffering the consequences. I, however, actually was quite uneasy with the ending and I get a feeling that I was supposed to feel that way, but I cannot help but feel that the punishment was too harsh for the “villains”, even though I totally understand the reasoning. I just cannot help but wonder if Paul could find a less harsh punishment for them (especially when he did not even bother to offer something worth of value in a similar bargain of the sorts in the first book). It just felt as an ultimate violation of somebody for whom magic is a part of who they are. I do get a feeling that it will be addressed in the next book of the series in some way, if the next book will come, because I thought that Rory also was feeling the same unease as I did, or I guess the more correct way to describe it would be that I felt the same unease that Rory did ๐Ÿ™‚

I love that Sirius enjoyed the book, that so much worked for her, and even that she had mixed feelings about how the bad guys were dealt with; that’s exactly how I was hoping readers would react. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks to Sirius, and to Wave as the site host, for the awesome comments!


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