Still Alive

There are a bunch of things I’ve wanted to blog about, starting with my trips last month, and in particular the Anthology Listings post that should’ve gone up a couple of days ago. We’ve had some medical issues around our place, though, most recently with my husband, who thought a cataract was getting worse and actually has a detached retina. :/ He’ll be having surgery on that next week.

I’m still around, though, and I’ll be getting the antho post up within a day or two.


PS — don’t sail with Celebrity. 😛 Our cabin bathroom smelled of sewage the whole trip, despite broken promises to fix it. I got a case of e. coli and spent a chunk of the cruise on in-cabin isolation, the kind where if you leave before you’re okayed, they toss your butt off at the next port. Wow, fun. At least they picked up the medical tab.

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Angela Benedetti lives in Seattle with her husband and a few thousand books. She loves romance for the happy endings, for the affirmation that everyone who's willing to fight for love deserves to get it and be happy with someone. She's best known for her Sentinel series of novels, the most recent of which is Captive Magic.