March Stuff and an April Mishap

Writing: 5997 words = 1
Editing: 114,093 words = 23
Sub: 1 loooong novel = 1
TOTAL = 25 points

I didn’t look at my total until April, so of course I didn’t have a chance to write another Three Freaking Words to get another writing point. [headdesk]

Koala Challenge 9

I finally finished Emerging Magic the sequel to A Hidden Magic. Actually, I finished it in February, but it took most of March to get through an editing pass and ready to submit, but it’s in, yay! This sucker’s taken more than twice as long as I thought it would, and having it finally finished feels wonderful. 🙂

I’m visiting my mom in Reno over Easter, and the world is letting me know I should’ve stayed home. :/ I only have one pair of jeans that fit, so I wore them up here, and brought a couple of pairs of sweats to sleep in, and bum around the house in, and hopefully wear to the gym if I can go with my brother whenever he goes. Also brought a skirt in case we go somewhere fancy for Easter dinner. So I flew up Tuesday, and when I got in, my mom made me a cup of hot chocolate. She has a tablecloth on her table, which I’m not used to, and somehow while sitting down to drink (with the cup at my place already) I managed to catch the tablecloth on… I don’t even know what, maybe I sat on it somehow, although I didn’t think it was that long. Anyway, next thing I know the cup’s fallen over and I have HOT chocolate all in my lap and some on my top, and a second later it soaks through and it’s freaking HOT! Damn!

So I go change out of my jeans and top, put on a pair of sweats and a T-shirt, and put my jeans and top and the tablecloth and the placemat and all in the laundry. They wash, and I put ’em in the dryer when I go to bed.

Yesterday, we’re going grocery shopping so I go to get dressed. Get my jeans out of the dryer… and there’s a huge shredded rip down the seam in the seat! [headdesk] Totally ruined. The washing machine just ate my jeans, and of course they’re all I have. 🙁

I get online and go to the site where I bought the jeans to get more. Can’t just go out and buy a pair; no stores I know of carry pants for women who are tall and fat both, right there on the rack. I wear a 24T, and the only way to get those is mail order, and not from very many places even that way. :/ So I go to Woman Within, and sure enough they have a nice selection. I pick a couple of pairs, both on sale yay, and order. I was originally thinking to just have them sent home and that I’d be wearing sweats the rest of my time here (got the skirt, but I don’t like wearing them unless I have to) but I see the site has a super-duper express-zoom delivery option that’ll get you your stuff the next business day if you order before 4pm Eastern, for only twenty dollars extra on the delivery charge. O_O Okay, yeah, it’s a lot, but if I can get jeans to wear while I’m here, that’s awesome. The stuff I ordered was on sale, so it sort of makes up for the delivery charge, right? 😛 So I change delivery to Mom’s address and go for it. By this time it’s like three minutes after 1 here, which is 4 on the east coast, so I’m hoping it’ll sneak in and be delivered tomorrow (which would be today now) and if not then it’ll come on Friday and that’s still good.

I hit confirm order and it chugs along… and the confirmation screen comes up showing regular delivery to Mom’s address, estimated delivery date April 14th. WTF?? O_O

I won’t even be here then! 🙁 🙁 🙁 Something screwed up, and I’m pissed off.

So I send an e-mail to their customer service address, explain what happened and why this is completely unacceptable. I tell them I want delivery expedited to arrive either Thursday, or Friday at the very latest, or I want the order cancelled, one or the other. Hit send, then we go off grocery shopping with me in my sweats.

Give them credit, by the time we got back, there was an answer in my e-mail with an apology for the screw-up. The Customer Service lady said she’d make sure I got my stuff on Friday. We’ll see. If so, then cool. I still wish their system had worked the way it was supposed to the first time, but an efficient and prompt fix is what you want from a good company. Everybody makes mistakes; what separates the good companies (and people) from the bad is what they do after they’ve made the mistake.

I hope everyone has a great Easter, or just a great weekend if you don’t observe the holiday. [wave/hugz]

Angie, hanging out in sweats in Reno

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Angela Benedetti lives in Seattle with her husband and a few thousand books. She loves romance for the happy endings, for the affirmation that everyone who's willing to fight for love deserves to get it and be happy with someone. She's best known for her Sentinel series of novels, the most recent of which is Captive Magic.

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  1. Okay you want to laugh but that would just be cruel but only you my friend could have a truth that is stranger than fiction moment! LOL Congrats on the finished sequel you know I’ll get my copy as soon as it’s released! {hugs}

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