Halfway Through NaNo

Last time I did NaNoWriMo, back in ’08, I got to eight thousand words and change by the middle of the month and threw in the towel. It just wasn’t working, and constantly failing to find the groove was stressing me out horribly. In ’09 I was working on wrapping A Hidden Magic and skipped NaNo to focus on that, and in ’10 I was… I don’t even know, working on something else again. Or maybe I was just afraid of another crash-and-burn?

This year it’s awesome. Even the first year — ’06, the only time I’ve tried and actually won — didn’t go this well. Someone passing by me in a crowd obviously whacked my writing throttle with their elbow somewhere in late October, and it’s been open ever since. 🙂 As of midnight last night, I’d done over 36,000 words on my NaNo project (Book 3 of the Sentinel series — Hidden Magic is Book 1) which is 11,000 words over par to hit 50,000 by the end of the month. On top of that, I’ve written almost 6000 words on Book 2, which I also want to finish this month; it’s currently just a few hundred words short of 80K. That’s about 42,000 words all together, in fifteen days. O_O

I know I keep saying this, but I wish I could do this all the time. I’ve slown down a little in the last few days — I’m hitting a part of Book 3 where I had only a vague idea of what was going to happen when I started — but I’m still doing well and I have plenty of margin. I’d pretty much have to get hit by a bus tomorrow to not make my 50K by the end of the 30th. (Of course, I’ve probably just jinxed myself — I’ll have to make sure I stay home tomorrow, LOL!)

Anyway, the writing’s going great and hopefully it’ll stay throttled up. I hope things are going well for everyone else, too! [crossed fingers]


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Angela Benedetti lives in Seattle with her husband and a few thousand books. She loves romance for the happy endings, for the affirmation that everyone who's willing to fight for love deserves to get it and be happy with someone. She's best known for her Sentinel series of novels, the most recent of which is Captive Magic.

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