Blogger “Upgrade?”

Has anyone else tried posting on Blogger this morning? I came on to do my anthology post, and found that some brainiac at Google (I’m assuming, since Google owns Blogger, that someone at that level at least approved this crap) decided that Blogger wasn’t working well enough the way it was, that it needed an overhaul. Now you have to manually insert a BREAK tag wherever you want to force a carriage return, like when you end a paragraph, or want a blank line, or a line with a *** on it, or whatever. Basically, unless you’re in the middle of a paragraph you want to auto-wrap, you need a BREAK tag at the beginning of every freaking line. Going into edit on an old anthology post, the left hand column is a stream of BREAK tags. Posting without them — you know, like we used to do — results in all your text collapsing into an unreadable monoblock. Inserting them where they now need to be is a major pain, and even this short post is annoying to compose; the thought of having to use them in something the length of the anthology posts has me seeing red.

I’m not at all happy about this. I’m feeling a strong desire to thwap whoever was responsible for this with a two-by-four. This is a classic case of, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken, stupid!”

Angie, incredibly pissed off this morning

PS — the Anthology post will be delayed while I sit here fuming and hoping that the idiot who did this experiences a sudden rush of brains to the cranium and rolls it back the way it was. Apologies, folks, but please give it a day or two. If they decide to leave it like this, I’ll figure out what to do then. [sigh]

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