Finally Back to Writing

After way too much time caught up in doctors and dentists and meds and side-effects and more meds and pain and sick and just about anything else the world could think of to dump on me in far too short a time, I’m finally crawling out from under most of it and getting back to writing, yay.

I passed page 100 on Emerging Magic, the novel-length sequel to A Hidden Magic; I left off yesterday with a wrap on Chapter 15, which was page 102. (These are single-space pages, BTW, because that’s what my publisher wants.) For comparison, HM was 163 manuscript pages and 22 chapters long. I’m sure at this point that EM is going to be longer; I think I’m about half way through at this point, or maybe 60%, somewhere in there. Note that I have a very sucky record of predicting these things in advance, though, so who knows?

For whatever reason, there’s something extra-cool about passing into triple-digits, pagewise. I’m sure it’d be less cool if I were doing the traditiona double-spaced pages (probably about half as cool, actually) but I haven’t written very many things that got to triple-digits with single spacing, so yay.

Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by posting about this. 😀

I hope everyone else is well and that the words are flowing.


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Angela Benedetti lives in Seattle with her husband and a few thousand books. She loves romance for the happy endings, for the affirmation that everyone who's willing to fight for love deserves to get it and be happy with someone. She's best known for her Sentinel series of novels, the most recent of which is Captive Magic.