Now We Know How Bad it Has to Get for the Republicans to Disown Someone

Clue delivery for Jack Davis: You know you’re a radical wingnut when even the folks in charge of the modern Republican party dump your butt because you’re embarassing them.

[Caveat: yes, I know there are plenty of thoughtful, intelligent Republicans in this country. They’re just not the ones in charge of the party right now, and that’s a major problem for the US in the 21st century.]

Jack Davis has been pushing for a congressional seat for the last few elections, and threw his hat into the ring when Chris Lee resigned over an internet sex scandal, necessitating a special election to fill his newly empty spot. Things were apparently going well until Mr. Davis suggested, in public, “that Latino farmworkers be deported — and that African-Americans from the inner city be bused to farm country to pick the crops.”

Wow. Seriously.

Because clearly 1) all Latino farmworkers are illegal aliens, and 2) rounding up black people and forcing them to the fields to do agricultural labor worked so well for this country last time we did it.

W. Curtis Ellis, a Davis spokesman who apparently needs to look up “damage control” in the political dictionary, said afterward:

“It may not be politically correct and it may not be racially correct, but when you have African American people in Buffalo who do not have jobs and are out of work, why are you bringing people into this country illegally to take jobs?” Ellis asked.

Wow again. Apparently Mr. Ellis agrees with Mr. Davis that the whole forced-agricultural-labor thing turned out well enough in the early days of our country that it’s worth trying again. (And with the “fact” that all Latino farm workers are illegal aliens.) Note also that Mr. Ellis’s statement is a classic example of how, when someone says that something “may not be politically correct,” the subtext is “This may well be grossly offensive, but I agree with it anyway because it’s my privilege to do so.” At least Mr. Ellis is working for a candidate whose world view and position he can wholeheartedly support.

Having been dumped by a Republican party leadership that’s proven even it has limits, Mr. Davis is trying to collect enough signatures to get onto the ballot as the Tea Party candidate. It’ll be interesting to see whether they have limits.

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