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I’ve recently found a really wonderful blog written by a couple of attorneys, and I have to share. It’s called Law and the Multiverse, and it’s full of great legal discussions of questions you’ll never run into in a law review.

For example, what are the legal issues related to being immortal? I have an immortal character in my Hidden Magic series, so that post was particularly welcome.

Another post was about characters who are invulnerable or otherwise incredibly difficult to kill — how would that affect crimes committed against them, such as murder and assault? Is it actually attempted murder if you knew at the time that your victim wouldn’t die when you shot him 72 times?

There’s a discussion of outlawry that starts with its historical precedents and projects it into a present or future where there are criminals conventional law enforcement can’t deal with, and another discussion about resurrection, probate law and insurance.

The blog is oriented around comic book universes — superheroes and supervillains — but the info here would be useful for an SF world too, or a world where paranormal creatures or powers exist, or an urban fantasy type setting. And besides, it’s just fun to read. Highly recommended.


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