Free SF

For those of you who are into science fiction, there’s a publication called Daily Science Fiction that started up September 1. They publish a story every day, M-F. You can subscribe to get the stories in e-mail each night, or you can go to their web site and read them there, a week’s delayed. I subscribed to it early and have gotten all of them so far. They’re generally good, ranging from “Okay, whatever,” to “Whoa, awesome!” There aren’t that many on the low end of the bell curve, which makes it at least as good as any SF mag I’ve ever gotten.

And it’s free, did I mention that? 🙂

Highly recommended.

Also, I wrote a science fiction romance called The Gift for the M/M Romance Group’s Holiday Stories event, on Goodreads. It was posted to the group on 25 December 2010, but I just put it up on my web site. Enjoy!


PS — hope everyone has a great New Year!

Cool Videos and a Potential Nab

Hey, all. [wave] I’ve been distracted by other things lately (who hasn’t?!) but I’ve run into some things I want to share.

First, this is a great video. It’s a medley of Village People songs, which is fun in and of itself, but take a good look — there’s only one performer out there. 🙂 Thanks to Syd McGinley (and Charlie!) for sharing.

And another one, while I’m in a video mood. (It’s pretty rare, so I need to take advantage before it passes.) A friend who’s more into music than I am sent me this one. It’s a group called Straight No Chaser doing the Twelve Days of Christmas. They’re an all-male a capella group, and they rock — great singing and they’re funny too. Definitely poke around YouTube and watch more of them.

And a third. This one is more of a geek thing. 🙂 There’s a camera attached to the end of a long sword toward, and it’s used to film several swordsmen doing sword-type maneuvers. What’s cool about this one is that the sword stays still relative to the viewer, since the camera is affixed to it; it’s the swordsmen and the room that are swooping around. I’ve never seen a better demonstration of relative motion. The husband sent me a link to this on BoingBoing; thanks to them for sharing it.

And finally, some excellent news reported by the Washington Post. Auditors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) are questioning TSA’s spending, saying they’ve been writing checks for technology which hasn’t been proven, or for which there might not be a need. Nice to know someone in Washington has finally noticed.

They mention the puffer booths from a couple of years ago, which were supposed to detect explosives by puffing shots of air at travellers and screening the resulting whatever for explosive residue. TSA spent $30 million on those, and they’re currently sitting in warehouses, “abandoned as impractical.” The taxpayer in me is angry that the backscatter scanners, which cost more than the puffer booths and have more costs coming down the road, might end up similarly abandoned and warehoused. The citizen who still values my constitutional rights is hoping exactly that happens. :/

I loved this one, though:

Some say the fact that the United States hasn’t had another 9/11-level terrorist attack shows that the investment was money well spent.

Whoever these “some” are, I hope they don’t have any spending authority; post hoc ergo propter hoc isn’t exactly a solid foundation for decision making. Hey, I’ll bet if we’d tossed a human sacrifice into Mount St. Helens every year since 1980, these same “some” would take the fact that the volcano hasn’t blown up again in all that time as proof that the sacrifices work. [sigh]

At any rate, I’m keeping a few pairs of virtual fingers crossed on the GAO reining in TSA. Someone needs to do it, and if they get zapped for misspending, the way Al Capone was finally zapped for income tax evasion, well, I’ll take that.

Speculative Law

I’ve recently found a really wonderful blog written by a couple of attorneys, and I have to share. It’s called Law and the Multiverse, and it’s full of great legal discussions of questions you’ll never run into in a law review.

For example, what are the legal issues related to being immortal? I have an immortal character in my Hidden Magic series, so that post was particularly welcome.

Another post was about characters who are invulnerable or otherwise incredibly difficult to kill — how would that affect crimes committed against them, such as murder and assault? Is it actually attempted murder if you knew at the time that your victim wouldn’t die when you shot him 72 times?

There’s a discussion of outlawry that starts with its historical precedents and projects it into a present or future where there are criminals conventional law enforcement can’t deal with, and another discussion about resurrection, probate law and insurance.

The blog is oriented around comic book universes — superheroes and supervillains — but the info here would be useful for an SF world too, or a world where paranormal creatures or powers exist, or an urban fantasy type setting. And besides, it’s just fun to read. Highly recommended.


Review of Unfinished Business

Cryselle reviewed “Unfinished Business” and gave it four marbles. 🙂 Here’s what she said:

This was fun — the author expanded on a little scene in a larger work (A Hidden Magic). Cal, the apprentice, gets a really funny, sexy lesson on paying attention under duress, and Aubrey, magical adept and Cal’s master, provides plenty of hot, hot duress. If every lesson was that much fun, Cal will be an adept in no time at all!

I’d read A Hidden Magic a few months back, so I remembered the set-up for the whole asses-ears business, and that was my only quibble with this story. The beginning feels like a scene that was removed from the book for flow, and it doesn’t really capture the purpose of the ears or why they even existed — as a stand alone story they come sort of out of the blue. As a read with, it just follows right on. Following Cal around the restaurant at the beginning establishes that he’s got a life outside magic, but it doesn’t set up the rest of the story as well as it could. Asses ears –> creme brulee –> asses ears might have worked better than creme brulee –> asses ears.

All the same, the sex was hot, the relationship between master and apprentice was both loving and responsible, and the ending sweet.

You know, that one bit — figuring out how much of the set-up from A Hidden Magic to recap, and how to present the info to the reader — was the one big thing I was headdesking over for a while as I wrote this. I don’t know that there’s any one solution that would’ve pleased everyone, but it’s a legitimate issue.

That said, though, it sounds like she enjoyed the story otherwise, and that’s always very cool. 🙂 Thanks to Cryselle for taking the time to review; I’m glad you liked it!

“Unfinished Business” is available here.


Anthology Markets

If you’ve just wandered in off the internet, hi and welcome. 🙂 I do these posts every month, so if this post isn’t dated in the same month you’re in, click here to make sure you’re seeing the most recent one.

Markets with specific deadlines are listed first, “Until Filled” markets are at the bottom. There are usually more details on the original site; always click through and read the full guidelines before submitting. Note that some publishers list multiple antho guildelines on one page, so after you click through you might have to scroll a bit.

Non-erotica/romance writers: check out Bewere the Night, The Faery Taile Project, the Historical Lovecraft Anthology, Anywhere but Earth, and the Horror Library.


31 December 2010 — Fire and Ice: Short Gasps of Romantic Suspense — ed. Jessy Marie Roberts, Pill Hill Press

Email submissions to:

Please put SUBMISSION, followed by the title of the story, in the subject line of your email. Thanks!

This anthology will feature SUSPENSEFUL short stories with a STRONG ROMANTIC THEME. We want interesting submissions where the protagonist(s) FALL IN LOVE through the course of the story, all the while facing incredibly SCARY situations. Love scenes are acceptable, as long as written tastefully and are integral to plot development (think romance novel sex, not Penthouse sex – we are not looking for erotica or pornography).

Most genres are acceptable as long as they contain strong elements of both suspense and romance. They can take place anywhere (Earth, outer space, other planets, etc.), at any time (past, present, future, alternate. Stories should be written in the third person.

We prefer short stories in the 4,000-6,000 word range, but will consider stories from 1,500-15,000 words.

Payment is 1 cent per word (up to 6,000 words or a $60.00 cap), plus 1 contributor’s copy upon publication.


31 December 2010 — Bewere the Night — ed. Ekaterina Sedia, Prime

I’m looking for stories dealing with any were-creatures; werewolves are welcome, of course, and the stories should be in a general urban fantasy vein. I’ll need the stories by the end of December 2010, and I’m looking for reprints as well as originals. Reprints pay 1c/word and originals 5c/word, and the length should be between 1,000 and 7,500 words. Also, please suggest reprints by other authors if you happen to think of any.


31 December 2010 — The Faery Taile Project #2 — CatsCurious Press

There are two sides to every story… And we here at CatsCurious Press think that our readers deserve to read BOTH! Again!

A Call for Submissions… of the Faery Taile Kynde! CatsCurious Press will re-open to submissions starting October 1, 2010 for all well-written, humorous fairy tale re-tellings (except red riding hood, but that’s because we’ve been there, done that)! But there’s a catch — these stories must be written from ONE POV only… the protagonist’s.

Why would we be so strict, you ask? Because Anton Strout, author of Dead To Me, Deader Still, ‘Dead Matter and Dead Waters has already gotten on board to write a counterpoint story! That’s right — once we have plowed our way through the slush, Anton will review our favorite stories and then choose ONE from among them to write a counterpoint to.

The end result will be a double-sided book with two covers (one featuring artwork for Anton’s story, the other featuring artwork to coincide with the protagonist’s point of view). Stories will be printed upside-down from one another — flip the book over, and start fresh from the top! I can’t wait to see the end result! Check out Faery Taile Project #1 to see what we have in mind.

Here are the requirements:

Story length must be between 7500 and 12,000 words
Stories must be humorous
Stories must appeal to a broad range of folks — from twelve years old to adult (so no raunchy humor, please!)
Stories must be single POV, from the protagonist’s point of view (this will take some finesse — leaving enough details to the imagination that Anton can create a counterpoint, yet creating a rich-enough world that the reader won’t be left wanting)
Submission period: October 1st, 2010 to 11:59:59pm December 31st, 2010

Any fairy tale is fair game (except red hood of course, for obvious reasons)!

The payment? $.06 per word and seeing your name next to Anton Strout’s!


1 January 2011 — Red Velvet and Absinthe: Gothic Tales of Erotic Romance — ed. Mitzi Szereto, Cleis Press

A trade paperback to be published by Cleis Press, USA. Publication date: Autumn 2011. Deadline: January 1, 2011 (I’ll be selecting stories on a rolling basis, therefore earlier submissions are strongly encouraged, though I’ll still consider stories that make it in by the deadline).

Word count preferred: 3,000 to 6,500.

What I’m looking for: Well-developed story lines and well-crafted prose told in a unique voice and containing interesting characters and settings. Think atmosphere, passion, desire… imaginative stories that send a shiver up your spine and make your heart beat faster. Readers should be able to feel the red velvet beneath their fingertips and taste the absinthe on their tongue! Tales that contain supernatural beings such as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, demons, and other entities of a paranormal nature are welcome, as are those of the Wuthering Heights variety with tormented heroes and dark secrets. Stories may be set in the past, present, or future. Stories from female and male writers are welcome, as are those written from the POV of characters of any gender and containing characters of any sexual orientation (including those that haven’t yet been created!). Take your inspiration from the pens of the Brontë sisters, Mary Shelley, Daphne du Maurier, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite, Stephenie Meyer, Laurell K. Hamilton…

Note that sexually explicit content is acceptable as well as a more subtle approach; however, no stock sex scenes or formulaic writing/terminology. Please refer to my previous anthologies to get an idea of the variety and style of content I look for. No excessive gore or violence. No reprints.

One-time payment in the range of USD $50-70 (payable on publication) and 2 copies of the anthology.

Submission requirements: Stories should be formatted as follows: double-spaced Arial 12-point black font Word or RTF document. Indent the first line of each paragraph by half an inch. Do not add extra lines between paragraphs or any other irregular spacing. American spelling and punctuation only (i.e. quote marks, etc). Include your legal name (and pseudonym if applicable), postal address, and a fifty-word maximum author bio written in the third person. Contract is for one-time, non-exclusive anthology rights with one year’s exclusivity from date of publication. (This may be waived if your story is selected for a “Best Of” collection). No simultaneous submissions please.

In the subject line of your email, please state: Red Velvet and Absinthe

Send to: submissions @


3 January 2011 — Historical Lovecraft Anthology — ed. Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles, Innsmouth Free Press

What We Want: historical fiction with a Lovecraftian twist. Stories should be set in a variety of places, cultures and time periods. While we might buy one story set in 1920s New England, we want to stray far from the normal Lovecraft milieu. If you’re going to do 1920s, why not ship us off to China and tell the story from the point of view of a native of Shanghai? Please note that for our purposes we consider historical anything up to 1937 (the year of Lovecraft’s death).

Length: from flash fiction (1,000 words or under) to novelette (10,000 words). Keep in mind we have a payment cap of $50 CAD, so your long novelette might be better served by finding another home.

Payment: one cent per word up to a maximum of $50 CAD. One physical copy of the anthology and one e-book copy. Payment made via PayPal or Canadian check upon acceptance. We are purchasing first English print and electronic rights for the anthology.

Reprints: considered, with a few caveats:
1. Indicate where and when the story was originally published in your cover letter.
2. Reprints offered should not be easily available in print or online.
3. Payment is a flat $25 CAD for reprints.

If you published it in a small collection in 1985 and it’s no longer on the market, that’s fine. If it was published in a German magazine and never translated to English, we’d like to see it. If it appeared in a now-defunct zine, that’s okay, too. If it was in a recent issue of an English-language zine that is currently online, no.

Submitting: e-mail us at innsmouthfp AT Subject line: Historical Antho, [Title of your Story, Author’s Name]. The subject line is important; otherwise, the story might go into the wrong pile.

Do not send simultaneous submissions. Do not send more than one submission. If we reject one story, you can send another one.

Include a cover letter with the story word count, salient writing credits and any reprint information (if applicable). Yes, we do read cover letters, so please include the information (Paula gets cranky when stories arrive sans byline, title or cover letter).

Attach story as RTF (preferred) or Word (doc, not docx) document. Use standard manuscript format. Italics as italics, bold as bold. No fancy fonts.

Stories can be sent in English, French or Spanish.

Submissions are accepted from September 1, 2010 to January 3, 2011. Do not send anything before or after that date.

We will reject some stories as they come in and send others to the hold pile. Final story selection will take place in January 2011. Check back for updates.


15 January 2011 — Canes — Torquere Press

Three-story mini-anthology of short, sexy m/m stories on the theme, 3-7K words, 35%/25% of cover price from publisher’s site/vendors, divided among the three authors. Send attached file to


1 February 2011 — Cyberpunk Anthology — Samhain [scroll down about a quarter of the way]

Welcome to the future, a cyberpunk future—post-industrial dystopias where society has broken down; a world of advanced science, cybernetic and tech. The cyberpunk world is a dark and gritty place, blurring the border between actual and virtual reality.

I’m very happy to announce an open call for submissions for a new, yet-to-be-titled summer 2011 cyberpunk romance anthology. Don’t know what cyberpunk is? Think The Matrix and Bladerunner, or the popular role-playing/computer game/book series Shadowrun. For more information on cyberpunk, you can check out the entry on wikipedia. .

I’m open to M/F, M/M, F/F, or multiples thereof, any sexual heat level, and the romance must end happily ever after or happy for now.

The novellas must range between 25,000 to 30,000 words in length, no more, no less—please note, only manuscripts that fall in this word count will be considered for this anthology—and will be released individually as ebooks in August 2011.

Submissions are open to all authors, published with Samhain or aspiring to be published with Samhain. All submissions must be new material—previously published submissions will not be considered. Additionally, manuscripts previously submitted, whether individually or for past anthologies, will not be considered either. Be aware that manuscripts submitted to this anthology cannot be resubmitted at a later date unless by invitation from an editor.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please include:

The full manuscript (of 25,000 to 30,000 words) with a comprehensive 2-5 page synopsis. Also include a letter of introduction/query letter. Full manuscripts are required for this as it is a special project.

As well, when you send your manuscript, be sure to use the naming convention Cyberpunk_Title_MS and Cyberpunk_Title_Synopsis. This will ensure that your submission doesn’t get missed in the many submissions we receive, and makes it easy for me to find in my ebook reader.

Submissions are open until February 1, 2011. No submissions will be accepted after this date—no exceptions. A final decision will be made by February 28, 2011. Send your submission to and include Cyberpunk Anthology in the subject line. Questions and queries can be addressed to Sasha Knight ( though do your due diligence and read this anthology call completely and check the Samhain Submission FAQ page before emailing. www.


15 February 2011 — Truth or Dare — Torquere Press

Three-story mini-anthology of short, sexy m/m stories on the theme, 3-7K words, 35%/25% of cover price from publisher’s site/vendors, divided among the three authors. Send attached file to


15 February 2011 — Tall, Dark & Delicious — ed. Marcus Anthony, STAR Books

Tall, dark and handsome. That expression has been around forever. So, how tall and dark do you like your men? Do you dream at night about a handsome black man making love to you? Do you want to feel his smooth velvety skin? Do you want to taste his forbidden fruit?

Of course you do. And, so do your readers. This time, it is your fantasy come true. Imagine being on a train after a hard day’s work, and a handsome black gentleman in a dark suit sits next to you. His leg brushes yours. You both say excuse me, and your eyes lock. What happens next? Or, you are at the gym, and you ask the sexy trainer to give you some pointers, and you smell his irresistible scent and cannot take your eyes off his glistening muscles. What happens next?

Now, you will let us know what happens next. Send us your best stuff.

Please note: Keep the ghetto in the ghetto. Let’s give our brothers some class. If you submit a story with illiterate dialogue and characters from the projects, I will reject them without a reply.

Your characters need to be at least 18 years old.

We are seeking well-written stories that are erotic, not just pornographic. There are no limits to the possibilities or scenarios. All we ask is that writers be creative, have fun, and offer our readers something fresh and new. And, humor is always greatly appreciated! We want well-developed characters and plots, believable and accurate situations (even if it is fantasy or science fiction, it must make sense), and settings, along with internal consistency. All characters must be at least 18 years of age.

Feel free to query me about the thinking you may have about a story for this anthology at

Submit your query to in the body of an email. Include a short bio, your name, postal and email addresses, the title and a five-paragraph excerpt of your story. Indicate whether or not your submission has been previously published and, if so, where and when. You don’t need to sell your story in the letter; your work will speak for itself. If your query is accepted, We will be in contact with you about submitting the complete work. The end product should be no more than eight pages of single spaced 12 pt. type. Occasionally, novellas are accepted, but they must be exceptional. Be sure to edit and proof your query.


15 February 2011 — Corsets and Clockworks: Steampunk Erotic Romance — ed. Kristina Wright, Cleis Press

I am looking for romantic erotica that reflects the excitement, fantasy and rebellion of steampunk. Not sure what steampunk is? Think Victorian elegance and aesthetics meets futuristic invention and exploration. But it doesn’t have to be Victorian (or Edwardian) era—it can be any time period, real or imagined, that blends elements of science, history, fantasy and technology. The one thing the genre has long been missing is romantic relationships and erotic encounters. Steampunk erotic romance is shiny brass and crushed velvet; mechanical inventions and romantic conventions; sexual fantasy and kinky fetish.

The steampunk world includes steam engines and scientists, corsets and clockworks, aviators and airships, alchemy and anachronistic technologies—not to mention those damned goggles and gadgets that everyone always references when talking about the genre! Steampunk is a spirit of high adventure that bridges the past and future. It captures the imagination in ways that make the eyes go wide and the heart beat a little faster.

What I do want:
= Stories that embody the essence of steampunk and pay homage to the genre.
= Stories that fetishize steampunk elements.
= Time travel, alternate histories, “second” or parallel worlds and non-traditional steampunk settings.
= Stories that are lush, wicked, sexy and romantic.

[Click through above for more examples of steampunk.]

What I don’t want:
= Stories that throw in everything but the steampunk kitchen sink.
= Stories that are pure camp. A little campy fun is okay, but don’t overdo it.
= Fan fiction or slash fiction. Do not steal another author’s characters, please.
= Stories that are more about the technology than the characters.

I want stories with strong plots, good character development and scorching hot sex. This collection will feature primarily heterosexual relationships, but stories may include lesbian and bisexual elements, triads, polyandrous relationships or group encounters.

Stories should be written with a female audience in mind and I have a preference for female point of view. No incest, bestiality or underage characters, please. According to Romance Writers of America, a romance must include two key elements: a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying, optimistic ending. So be sure to give me a steampunk story that is erotic and romantic!

Submission Guidelines: Unpublished stories only, no simultaneous submissions. The desired story length is 2,500-5,000 words. Double-space and indent the first line of each paragraph. Do not put extra spaces between paragraphs. Include your full contact information (legal name/pseudonym, mailing address and phone number) and a bio of 50 words or less written in the third person. Please paste your story into the body of your e-mail and attach it as a Microsoft Word .doc file.

Payment will be $100 per story and 2 copies of the book upon publication. Contributors retain the rights to their stories. I will notify contributors of their acceptance in June 2011, but please note that Cleis Press has final approval over the manuscript. [Note: they’re not kidding here. I know a writer who had a story accepted for a Cleis antho and went through edits and everything, only to have Cleis veto her story. This is not a pro forma approval, so be aware that you might well go through a lot of work here only to end up out.]

Send your submission to with Submission: Story Title in the subject line. Please direct any questions to the same address.


28 February 2011 — Anywhere But Earth — ed. Keith Stevenson, Coeur de Lion

[The whole site bangs off one URL; scroll down a bit and click on the Anywhere But Earth logo for content info, then on the Submissions button on the left for formatting, etc.]

Coming in 2011, Anywhere But Earth will bring you stories that challenge your ideas about the future; tales of the adventures, discoveries, mistakes, revelations, and testing times that individuals or humanity as a whole will face and how we will be changed by, or adapt to, those experiences. Stories will be set in deep space, on human or alien vessels, orbital platforms, rocks, planetoids, terraformed worlds and alien environments. In short, anywhere but Earth. Fantasy or Horror stories will not be accepted, although your Science Fiction story may have horrific or fantastic elements.

A minimum word length of 3,000 words applies to all submissions. The maximum word length is 15,000 words although to be published at the upper end you’ll have to sustain our interest for the entire story length. Longer pieces may be accepted for assessment but send a query email first (see the contact email box below).

Payment is calculated on the basis of 1 cent (Australian) per word (paid on acceptance of story), plus a contributor’s copy of the anthology (on publication), plus a proportion of royalties on sales of the paperback and e-book (paid every six months from publication) based on the following formula: [see submissions page for formula — basically a penny a word (Australian) plus a trib copy, plus proportional royalties.]



UNTIL FILLED — Horror Library, Vol. 5 — Cutting Block Press

Cutting Block Press is pleased to announce an open submissions period for the 4th Volume of its Horror Anthology Series, +Horror Library+, to be published in trade paperback during 2011.

We’re looking for the highest quality examples of all forms of Dark Fiction, running the gamut from traditional horror, supernatural, speculative, psychological thriller, dark satire, including every point between and especially beyond. No Fantasy or Sci-fi unless the horror elements are dominant. Read +Horror Library+ Volumes 1-3 to see what’s already pleased us. Special consideration will be given those pieces that we find profoundly disturbing, though blood and violence on their own won’t cut it. While we will consider tales of vampires, ghosts and zombies, we tend to roll our eyes at ordinary ones. They’re just too plentiful. Your best bet is to surprise us with something that is different, while well conceived and tightly executed.

Guidelines: Stories will range between 1,000 and 6,000 words, though we’ll look at longer works of exceptional merit. In that case, query before submission. Buying 1st worldwide anthology rights. No reprints. Paying 1.5 cents per word, plus one contributors copy. For established authors, rates may be negotiable. Response time: six months or sooner. Deadline: We will accept submissions until filled. All Queries to

Manuscript format: 12 point courier font, standard margins, left side of header: name, contact info, right side of header: word count, top of first page: title, author

Variances from traditional manuscript format: single space, NO INDENTS, ONE EXTRA space between paragraphs, use bold, italics and underline as they are to appear in story

Subject box: Short Story submission – title of story

Attach story in MS Word Document or RTF (only). Please paste your cover letter in the body of the e-mail. Send submissions to

[See the web page for a special offer on copies of Horror Library Vol. 1 for writers doing market research.]

November Stuff

This is going to be really short, ’cause I have two pressing deadlines and I’m actually late on one of them. [flail]

First, this is a great video of Ian McKellan talking to a film festival audience about filming the balrog sequence in Rings. It’s very short — a minute and a bit — and funny. Check it out. 🙂

Second, NaNo pretty much fizzled halfway through, but I got almost 20K words on the book, which is a great jumpstart. The Goodreads M/M Romance group is doing a holiday promo where writers write a story based on a photo and a request posted by a reader. One of the photos spawned a plot-bunny, so I volunteered. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought to write it (so what else is new?) but I like the story, and it’ll eventually be a stand-alone free read for my web site, which I’ve needed for a while. Also, for doing this I get a book-of-the-month promo slot in the group later in 2011, for a book of my choice, which I’ll admit was attractive. I decided it was worth setting Emerging Magic aside for a bit to do this. I’ll post here with a link when the story goes up.

Oh, I had a new story released and didn’t even post about it! Gotta love the holidays…. [facepalm] Hell Is in the Details is a funny short story (okay, it’s kind of long for a short, but it’s a short on a technicality) about Benioth, the Demon of Laziness, who hasn’t read his memos for a while — like, decades. He’s missed a few changes in policy and is in trouble with his boss. 🙂

November stats:

Writing 21,562 words — 9 pts.
Editing 17,106 words — 3 pts.
Wrote 1 synopsis — 1 pt.
TOTAL = 13 pts, woot!

Koala Challenge 9