August Stuff

Time to look back at my performance over the last month. (I took July as my month off per McKoala’s rules because I completely hosed it in July. 😛 ) August wasn’t very good either, but I’ve done worse.

3 submissions — 3 points
7533 words written — 2 points (less than 500 short of a third point, argh!)

Total = 5 points

Koala Challenge 5

I think part of what’s hitting me now is that I have a few stories that’ve been circulating, but I’ve hit all the fast turn-around markets and now I’m stuck with some of the slowpokes. I have a story at one magazine that closed to fiction submissions in July, but I sent in my story in April. So it’s been there for about four and a half months and I’m just hoping they’re working through their slush pile backlog. I suppose if they open up again and I still haven’t heard from them, that’ll be a clue that something went astray, right? 😛

I still need to do more writing, though. As awful as this month was, it was still better than any other month so far this year, so that’s progress. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

I hope everyone else is doing better than I am. 🙂


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