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Aurora over at Boylove Addict posted a great review of A Hidden Magic, with a nice mention of “Unfinished Business” as well. She seems to have enjoyed it quite a lot, and her review is pretty awesome. 🙂


“A Hidden Magic” is the first book in the “Sentinels” series, a wonderful story set in a fantasy world were magic and the fey are real. The main characters are varied, engaging and well developed. I love the sentinels and their interactions. What a wonderful band of anti-heroes! The fabulous cast of supporting characters is large but meaningful, well worth the word count. The plot is fast paced, with enough action and humor to keep the reader turning pages non stop with a smile. All in all, score top marks for storytelling!

The world building truly stands out in this story. Everything comes to life in great detail and with fabulous descriptions guaranteed to become a full color mental movie. From downright gross to charming and cute, Ms.Benedetti’s magical creatures are imaginative and engaging. In this regard, the book far surpassed my expectations.

Like most first installments in a fantasy romance series, this story carries the burden of developing a complex world, introducing a large cast of characters and telling the story of the romance. So, while the romance well done and certainly plays a key role in the story, it is a relatively smaller portion of the story. This in no way detracts from the enjoyment of the story. It is just something to keep in mind before picking up the book.

All in all, this is a great book that opens the door to a world that I can’t wait to visit again. Great story, great world, great characters, excellent writing, Ms. Benedetti surely penned a winner!

PS: After reading “A Hidden Magic” you won’t want to miss “Unfinished Business”, a short story that relates the events following one of the funniest scenes in the book. Very good for a laugh!


Thanks and hugs to Aurora! 😀


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Angela Benedetti lives in Seattle with her husband and a few thousand books. She loves romance for the happy endings, for the affirmation that everyone who's willing to fight for love deserves to get it and be happy with someone. She's best known for her Sentinel series of novels, the most recent of which is Captive Magic.