May Stuff

I did more fresh writing in May than I did in April, but still not a significant amount. :/ The good news is I’ve done about half as much so far in June as I did in all of May, so that’s good if I can keep it up.

I did four story submissions, to various pro-paying markets. No sales yet on that end, but I got two excellent rejections — about the best kind of response one can get that doesn’t have a check attached. [rueful smile] Both editors said very nice things about the story they’d read, and that they were looking forward to seeing more from me. If I can’t have a check, I’ll take an invitation to submit again instead. 😀

I went through edits on the novel again — proofreader’s mark-ups this time. And actually I did it a third time when I got my contributor’s copy a couple of days before the book went up for sale. I figured I’d scan through the PDF to make sure there weren’t any obvious formatting errors, and even with the quick click-click-click on the scroll bar to page through, my eye lit on a couple of small editing mistakes that I, the editor and both proofers had all missed. [headdesk] Back to the top, read it through again more slowly, found a handful more. My gratitude to Shawn for incorporating my last-minute fixes and re-doing the variously formatted files before the page went live for sales. 🙂

I’m not claiming points for that last edit, though, ’cause that would’ve taken me up to 32 points for the month. In a challenge where the top scoring tier is 9 points and up, 32 is just showing off. :/ As it is I got 18.

Koala Challenge 9

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