Prescription Wierdness

So I was trying to get a couple of prescriptions refilled yesterday. I called the number on the bottle and it rang and rang and rang and rang, and cetera. Okay, that’s weird. I hung up, waited a couple of hours and tried again. Same thing. :/

I tried again today and got the “The number you have dialed has been disconnected…” message. o_O I’m wondering if the CVS store is, like, a smoking crater or something. No clue, nothing in the news about it.

I e-mailed my husband to ask what to do (since he picks up my prescriptions on his way home from work, I let him choose where to get them filled) and he sent me a phone number and URL for RiteAid. Coolness. I poked around on the web site and saw they even have a current coupon for two $25 gift cards if you transfer two prescriptions. Bonus! My prescripts are generic and only cost us about $10 each, so we’ll even make some money on the deal. I got that all set up, getting their cross-streets just to make sure I wasn’t calling a store in Whittier or something by mistake. I e-mailed my husband back, telling him everything was cool, sent him the URL for the coupon in case he hadn’t seen it, and gave him the cross streets.

Husband e-mailed back again. It turns out that wasn’t the store he thought it was. [headdesk] It’s local, but it’s not the one he was thinking of, which is right on the bus line he takes home. This one’s four blocks off, and then back, which isn’t quite as convenient. I don’t know if there’s anything else that’s more convenient, besides the store with the disconnected phone, but anyway. :/

I’m still wondering what happened to the CVS, though. I looked them up online and the phone number for that store is still the one I called — the one that doesn’t work. Google Maps Satellite view isn’t showing a smoking crater, but then, maybe it just hasn’t updated recently enough. [bemused smile] No idea. All I know is that I need my prescriptions and their phone’s been disconnected, so there you go.


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