Custom Anthologies

Here’s something different I ran across the other day. AnthologyBuilder is a new twist on POD service where writers offer their reprint stories (and they only take reprints, from paying books or anthologies) to the AnthologyBuilder archive — which also contains public domain stories — and customers can browse through and choose exactly which stories they want to have in their personalized anthology. They can choose up to 350 pages of fiction, give the book their own title and choose cover art, then pay $14.95 and have the book produced and mailed to them. Authors get paid pro rata royalties whenever one of their stories is chosen for an anthology. Their guidelines are here, and their author contract is here.

I have no idea how well this works, what kinds of sales numbers the site has, or whether it’d be a smart use of reprint rights, but it’s an interesting idea so I thought I’d toss it out there for you all to take a look at.


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