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More upcoming anthology deadlines. Just a few this time, but you can tell Halloween’s coming. 🙂 All romance and erotica this month, except for the first one.

Remember to follow the links for full requirements and submission info.

This is the third time I’ve done this and I’ve decided to keep on, since these pages get a nice number of hits. I’ve backed up a bit on the date; since I start listing with the first of the following month, the 10th should be a good posting date, leaving three weeks or so to write a short story if something catches your eye. And since I’ll run the list through the 1st of the month after that, something with a deadline of the 1st will have shown up the previous month anyway, so that should work out.

Note that I’m not trying to be comprehensive here. I keep a file of info on anthologies I’m personally interested in maybe thinking about submitting to, and decided to post them here. So this is just what caught my attention; there’s a lot more out there. Notes either in comments or e-mail about upcoming anthologies are welcome (including from the editors or publishers of said anthos) but I’ll only add it to my list if it’s something that I personally would at least think about subbing to. Although if you want to post a note in comments, I won’t delete it so long as it’s a call for an open, paying anthology. (Paying in money, even if only a little, not just trib copies.)

Questions or suggestions are always welcome.

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1 July 2009SHINE — Solaris Books

Convincing and optimistic: Imagine that we are the biggest skeptics on the planet, then show us how things can change for the better, and persuade us.

Near-future: from now until 50 years later.

SF: we’re not going to define it. Write what you think is SF, and convince us with the story.

The Gritty:
Length: up to 10k words (not hard, but anything longer than 10k should be mind-blowingly superb).


1 July 2009I Put a Spell on You — a BBA Menage Anthology — Torquere

Love spells? Magic in the air? You bet. All it takes is two boys, one girl and a magical romance, and you have the perfect story for I Put a Spell on You. We’re looking for m/m/f romance and erotic romance with strong characters and great stories.

Stories are due July 1, 2009 for release in October 2009. Word count between 3000-8000 words, with a payment of $50.00, as well as a contributor copy in both electronic and paperback format. Since this is a direct to print anthology, we’re asking exclusive electronic and paperback rights for 5 years. Please send a synopsis, author bio and your story to with Spell in the subject line.


1 July 2009The Care and Feeding of Demons — Torquere

Demon romance! Demon hunter romance! Urban fantasy, kick-butt antiheroes. This one was requested by Torquere’s authors, who asked and received! All demons, all the time! Stories should be gay male, and should be romance or erotic romance with a hopeful or happy ending.

Stories are due July 1, 2009 for release in October 2009. Word count between 3000-8000 words, with a payment of $35.00, as well as a contributor copy in electronic format. We’re asking exclusive electronic 2 years. Please send a synopsis, author bio and your story to with Demons Anthology in the subject line.


15 July 2009Scared Stiff Taste Test — Torquere

Publication date October 2009, subs due 7/15/2009 (Sexy spooks? Ghosts with something extra to stick to you? Heck yes!)

Taste Tests are mini-anthologies consisting of three or more stories ranging from 3000-7000 words each for a total of 10000-20000 words. Monthly themes are posted on the Taste Test submission page, along with deadlines and links to our general submission guidelines. Authors may submit a single story to any open theme, or submit a set of stories as single author collection, suggesting their own theme. Single-author collections will be published concurrently with a regularly scheduled monthly title.

Please send all submissions to care of Lorna Hinson with Taste Test (theme title) in the subject line. This line pays our standard royalty rates, split equally among all authors (co-written stories receive a single payment divided between the co-authors). Please follow our general guidelines for formatting and cover letter information. If you have questions about the suitability of any story or need clarification on our guidelines, please email Lorna at


15 July 2009Costumes Toybox — Torquere

Toy Boxes are small collections of three to four stories ranging from 3000-7000 words each for a total of 10000-20000 words. We’ll post themes that we’d like to see, and authors can submit one story or a whole collection. Entire collections must center around a single toy box item.

M/M stories are preferred.

Our standard submission requirements apply as far as formatting and cover letters. Please send all submissions to care of M. Rode.


UNTIL FILLEDMM and Menage Steampunk Antho — Phaze

Call: M/M and Menage Steampunk Anthology, Title TBA
Edited by: Leigh Ellwood
Projected release date: late 2010
Format: eBook (with possible print release)
Publisher: Phaze Books
Payment: $50 for one-time electronic and print rights, plus copies

Hey, all you steampunk enthusiasts, grab your goggles and get to writing! Phaze Books is planning an M/M (and bi-M menage) steampunk collection for eBook publication in 2010. If you have a yen for 19th century history with a touch of good humor and technological innovation (and a whole lot of manlove!), we hope you’ll send us your hottest steampunk erotic romance of 10K – 20K words. If you’re not sure about the genre, check out this Wikipedia entry for steampunk ( to get an idea of the style of stories we’re looking for. Think H.G. Wells or Wild Wild West, then turn up the steam factor with an incredible M/M or MMF/MMM match-up!

This call is open indefinitely until the spots are filled. Contributors will offer one-time electronic and print rights to their works and receive a one-time payment of $50 and contributors copies (eBook and/or print, if the book goes to print).

To submit to this anthology, please follow the Phaze Books structural guidelines at and attach your RTF submission to Leigh Ellwood, c/o Phaze Books at submissions @ phaze (dot) com. Please use STEAMPUNK ANTHOLOGY is your subject header.

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