Chat and a Contest

I’m hanging out over at Literary Nymphs this weekend, along with most of the other Torquere writers. Come over and say hi! The chat is running both days; I’ll be around for a bit this morning, and probably late tonight and then on and off all day tomorrow.

Also, the contest in my writing blog ends tonight at midnight, so head over and enter! Free books! Gift certificates for more free books! 😀



So I was having a hard time getting WordPress to upgrade — first there was no option to do so (the database had lost the flag saying I’d installed in the first place), then when that got fixed, the upgrade didn’t want to take. I got all the right messages and e-mails saying it’d been done, but the dashboard page was still grouching at me to upgrade, claiming I had the old version. [headdesk]

I went back and forth for days on it with customer service at Dreamhost, and it finally got straightened out. Thanks to Chih and Jason for plugging away at it until it gave up and behaved. 🙂


New RTB Column


I just posted a new column on Romancing the Blog. This time I’m talking about the lack of any indication in romances, particularly erotic romances, of just what the sex-to-story ratio is. It makes it tough to know just what you’re going to get when you spend your money; just because you like explicit sex doesn’t mean you want the books you read to be 80+ percent sex scenes. It’s not about limiting what’s published or complaining that there’s not enough of “my” kind of book out there, but rather about giving readers the info they need to find the books they’ll like. Come read, and tell me what you think.



I have a contest going over on my writing blog. You have to do a bit of work to enter, but prizes include some books and a gift cert for Fictionwise. Come play!